As Palm oil as One of the biggest industry in Asia, we have get our hands on in these industry for many years. We could provide you with the best solutions and increase your efficiency in running palm oil factory.

Our Palm Oil Mill typical replacement parts are:

  • FFB Lorry and Horizontal (Lorry Wheel, Block Bearing, Bush and Bollard)
  • Transfer Carriage Parts
  • Thresher Parts (Spider arm)
  • Digester Parts (Long and Short Beater, Expeller Arm, Digester Main Shaft, Flexible Coupling)
  • Screw Press Parts (Worm Screw,Cylinder Press Cage, Main Shaft, Worm Lengthening, Cone Guide, Adjusting Cone,Spur Gear,Flexible Coupling)
  • Kernel Station Parts (Hydrocyclone complete)
  • Material Handling Parts (Sprockets)